Stuff I Use

Last Updated : August 2017


After years of few different baseline Macbooks, I upgraded to more powerful 13-inch Retina Macbook Pro with 16GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. I decided to skip the new Pros since Thunderbolt 3/USB-C for now, it have not reach mainstream level just yet.

Just recently, I build a gaming machine based on Quad-core AMD Phenom with 22inch 1080p screen. I am now waiting for the SSD and GPU to complete the build. Sold. After 48 hours I completed the build, somebody bought it from me. I am now waiting for the parts to complete my next build based on more powerful but energy-efficient Quad-core Athlon.

I also have a Raspberry Pi with 2TB of storage. It work as personal server, backup repository, and small tasks that runs 24/7.



On MacOS, I use Textmate heavily for almost everything with combination of Brackets by Adobe. On Linux, its just Brackets. I don't code on Windows.

Since most of my work is web-based, I constantly have Google Chrome Beta running with Terminal for debugging. Installed as well are XCode Command Line Tools, Android Studio, RVM and NPM with bunch of gems and libraries. I also use ImageOptim for optimizing final images and Cyberduck for accessing FTP/B2.


QuickSilver. Try it once and you will be amazed how awesome it is.

I use Evernote in the past, but since they changed their privacy policy I have switched to Apple Notes. I keep a simple to_do.txt on my Desktop for random snippets, but there are few other random notes on Google Keep as well for brainstorm on the go.


I rarely design nowadays, But I still have Photoshop and Illustrator CC for quick prototyping. If I need more physical interaction, Sketch comes in handy for quick mockup on the device itself.

Misc apps

Keka, for archiving utility as it supports 7zip very well. I also have smcFanControl for temperature monitoring and DiskmakerX for creating installer disk.


My current daily driver is a Carbon Nexus 5X with 32GB of storage. I switched back to iPhone temporary but always find myself back to Android. By far, this is the best value Nexus with great camera, good battery life with rapid charging, and just enough performance for daily operation.

I keep Xiaomi Power Bank Pro in my backpack so I don't have to worry about running out of juice during travel or away for the whole day.


For travel and listening on the go, I use my trusty Xiaomi Hybrid with Comply Foam. This is by far, the cheapest dual drivers earphones sold for RM80. As late 2016, they released a successor called Hybrid Pro that is a bit expensive at RM150, but comes with triple drivers and better cable.

I have since upgraded to much better iBasso D-Zero portable USB Amp to pair with my Superlux HD681 Evo. This upgraded amp is powered by Wolfson DAC, and I found it gives more natural sound stage comparing to other DAC. Whenever I need to kill the noise, I have active noise cancellation headphones in my drawer.


Since I paid for my music, I use Spotify regularly for coding and leisure. I just loop through tons of programmers' playlist, but I still maintain private playlists to reminiscing my childhood memories.


Google Calendar, Maps, Search and Youtube, to name a few. I set up Dropbox as primary working folder so I can take advantage of files revision and access it from anywhere. I hosted this web on Heroku and have it delivered by Incapsula Global CDN. Assets are hosted on Backblaze B2. I used to spread my data over multiple cloud service, but now I just drop them all into my server.