Stuff I Use

Last Updated : December 2017


My current main computer is a 12" Macbook in Space Grey. Very lightweight, very thin, with enough processing power for my workload. As now my requirement is growing, I am looking forward to get a Macbook Pro again.

I have two desktop computers that I have built myself - my secondary development machine is a Quad-Core AMD, 8GB of RAM and 2TB of storage. It runs Ubuntu 16.04 with 1080p 22" screen. My third machine is a Dell Optiplex with Xeon processor and 8GB of RAM running Vmware ESXi with 2TB of internal storage for vm hosting and testing.

I also have two Raspberry Pis in house that runs as personal server and media center.



On MacOS, I use Textmate heavily for almost everything with combination of Brackets by Adobe. On Linux, its just Brackets. I don't code on Windows.

Since most of my work is web-based, I constantly have Google Chrome Beta running with Terminal for debugging. Installed as well are XCode Command Line Tools, Android Studio, RVM and NPM with bunch of gems and libraries. I also use ImageOptim for optimizing final images and Cyberduck for accessing FTP/B2.


QuickSilver. Try it once and you will be amazed how awesome it is.

Since Evernote has reverted their policy, I am back to using their service again for notekeeping. I still keep a simple to_do.txt on my Desktop for random snippets and Google Keep for on the go.


I rarely design nowadays, But I still have Photoshop and Illustrator CC for quick prototyping. If I need more physical interaction, Sketch comes in handy for quick mockup on the device itself.

Misc apps

Keka, for archiving utility as it supports 7zip very well. I also have smcFanControl for temperature monitoring and DiskmakerX for creating installer disk.


My primary mobile phones is a Quite Black Google Pixel with 32GB of storage. This is by far the best phone I ever had - great camera, great battery life and great performance. I also have iPhone 5S as a development phone.

I keep Xiaomi Power Bank Pro in my backpack although I rarely use it. Good thing is I can now charge my Macbook as well with it.


For travel and listening on the go, I use my trusty Xiaomi Hybrid with Comply Foam. This is by far, the cheapest dual drivers earphones sold for RM80. As late 2016, they released a successor called Hybrid Pro that is a bit expensive at RM150, but comes with triple drivers and better cable.

I have since upgraded to much better iBasso D-Zero portable USB Amp to pair with my Superlux HD681 Evo. This upgraded amp is powered by Wolfson DAC, and I found it gives more natural sound stage comparing to other DAC. Whenever I need to kill the noise, I have active noise cancellation headphones in my drawer.


Since I paid for my music, I use Spotify regularly for coding and leisure. I just loop through tons of programmers' playlist, but I still maintain private playlists to reminiscing my childhood memories.


Google Calendar, Maps, Search and Youtube, to name a few. I set up Dropbox as primary working folder so I can take advantage of files revision and access it from anywhere. I hosted this web on Heroku and have it delivered by Incapsula Global CDN. Assets are hosted on Backblaze B2. I used to spread my data over multiple cloud service, but now I just drop them all into my server.