First Impression : Sennheiser HD419

As in coming weeks i’m going to be real busy with my last project, i bought myself a Sennheiser HD419 headphones as an incentive to help my productivity.

Sennheiser HD419. I’m actually favor the 449’s but dislike the earpads.

After overnight of music looping and few hours of pink-noise burn-in, it begin to shine. Music has never been better than before and i couldn’t tell how much do i love listening to it. Although it’s labelled as punchy bass, i didn’t notice any overkill bass production like the Beats Studio. The music sounds warmth, natural and more details compare to what i’ve been listening with so far.

However, i do regret by not checking it online first. Turned out Amazon’s selling this for real cheap by RM150 price margin than what i bought it. Damn.

Posted November 8, 2013

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