Stuff I Use

Last Updated : March 2018


Obligatory shot for BBNU's inspiration.

My computer is a 13" Macbook Pro with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of SSD. Paying for extra RAM and storage is definitely a worthy investment. I can consolidate all my work into this machine and be productive almost anywhere I go.

The only another computer that I have is the first-generation Raspberry Pi that serve as portable media player during travel.



Brackets is now my favorite editor.

After few years with Textmate, I made switched to Brackets and loving it. Features like Autocomplete syntax, Live Preview and customizable UI has won me over and really help me in coding. I still keep Textmate for quick editing (it launch fast), but for the most part its just Brackets and few Terminal tabs.

Since my work is focus on building web stuff, most of the time its just Google Chrome Stable with Developer Tools for debugging.


I use Photoshop CC for image editing, but whenever I need to design something from scratch I'd always start in Illustrator. I also have Sketch installed, but somehow I am still prefer Illustrator with the help of templates. Old habits die hard.


My daily schedule is managed by Google Calendar with calendar widget on my phone. For quick note taking, I use Google Keep. I also have Office 2016 installed solely to read the Docx files. Spark has successfully replaced Mailbox as email client on Mac.


Keka because I use 7zip almost extensively. For accessing cloud storage, I use Cyberduck. Teamviewer and SSH are my tools for accessing computers via internet.


My current daily-driver is Space Grey iPhone 6 with 64GB of storage. It replaced my Google Pixel due to the infamous audio codec issue. I also have the HTC One M8 and Nexus 5X as secondary and development phones.

For travel, I have Xiaomi Power Bank Pro with USB-C that is already in my backpack. Its very well built and charges all my devices quickly.


For casual or go-to listening, I use Xiaomi Hybrid Pro. Compare to non-Pro version, it comes with 3 drivers with a slight increase in bass production. But somehow I found listening on non-Pro Hybrid is much more enjoyable.

At my workspace, I listen to Sennheiser HD 201 plugged in to iBasso Wolfson-based DAC USB amp. I really love the soundstage of this specific DAC chip.


Spotify with premium subscription. Usually when I need to focus at work, I'd just shuffle my coding playlist. For mobile listening, I usually listen to blast from the past.