Summary of 2013

Whenever people talking about change, it won’t take long for me to realize the hard truth that nobody’s really wanted for things to change, even if its for better. As matter of fact, we’re all afraid of changing. We are afraid of incoming and losing the current. We’re scare of not strong enough to face with consequences. We’d rather let it crash and burn than embrace the uncertainty.

I guess that’s why when new year’s coming, i don’t need a resolution to make full use of it. Or for most people, to make them looks cool on Twitter or Facebook spreading the news of whoever they’re about to become. If you can’t commit for the whole day, what makes you think you can commit for the whole year?

If you can keep your words, count yourself an exception.

However, i’d like to take a moment and reminiscing 5 best things that happened to me so far in 2013 :

1) I moved cross-country.
2) I lost my spirit, motivation and my life has been completely havoc before i realized about it and managed to recover.
3) I lost my best friend since high school.
4) I lost my best friend due to tragic bike accident.
5) I burned almost RM20k this year alone.

Does it seems like a nightmare? Hell no. When you can see the wisdom of everything happens for a reason, then you can see whatever you lost, you’ll gain it back somehow.

I finally know exactly what i need to do for my future, by putting myself back from pieces and having a chance to rebuild my life back all over again.

For the loser now, will be later to win. For the times they are a-changin’ - Bob Dylan

So long 2013. Its been a wonderful year and full of lessons. And yeah, my english is still shit. Happy new year everyone!

Posted December 31, 2013

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