Summary of 2014

Another year, another story and another life to carry on.

I guess we’re more afraid about the number of our age rather than wondering if we do ageing well enough given our limited time.

When i was young, or until early in my 20s, i haven’t really had any single thought of what i want to become. I knew very well from early on i got specific skills, so i’d always know that i can survive and made a living. People might confuse me for being a geek so i’m all about technology. But that’s not really true, as matter of fact i used to be a greasemonkey and working on my bike. Last but not least, i can design as well courtesy of my internship where i discovered my love for art.

Fast forward today, after all the things that i’ve been through especially since 2013, i can finally say that i am ready to execute my plan that i’ve been working on for years. I’m still learning and will keep on learning, but what i’ve learned so far and what happened to me lately has become not only the best motivational value that push me, encourage me, but also a chance for the next step. Its too early to talk about it, but as soon as its ready i’m going to announce it here.

As for now and few months to come, i’m in bootstrapping mode.

Happy New Year!

Posted December 31, 2014

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