Summary of 2017

When the last 30 years of life habits began to make mine.

If I can say only one thing about 2017, the right words will be ‘working real hard’. At first it was a rocky start, but after few months I managed to score few steady jobs, realign my goals, and successfully completed all the projects on terms. I guess I can say mission is accomplished.

I missed writing out 2015 and 2016 because I don’t have my Macbook with me. I had to sold it and few other as well just to make ends meet as life had been real hard at the time. Sure, there are time when I lost all the hope and feels like giving up, like all I have done is making mistake. But I still believe that there is something I need to learn from this. After all, I still love what I do and the way I am doing it.

Thankfully, not only I managed to recover both financially and spiritually, but I had successfully replaced everything that I had to let go with a better one. This serve as a reminder whenever I face difficulties in the future, there is rewards awaiting at the front. Just keep going and let go what I had to. Growth and comfort never co-exist.

Early this year, when I celebrated my 30th birthday, I came to realize two things about life aside from getting old. First, I am running out of time in my career. Second, I can see everything that I developed as habit in my first 30 is going to shape me. If I can recall reading something and it seems to have huge impact on me, it was in my 20s. Reading the same thing now feels slightly familiar. Maybe at some point I already experience it, its just I haven’t processing it to match with the description.

After all, this is how I welcome myself to the 3 series club.

The best view comes after the hardest climb.

Godspeed folks, and sayonara 2017.

Posted December 31, 2017

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