Summary of 2019

Good time, hard time and new time.

I supposed to have this done before new year, but apparently my body decided it could no longer tolerate the extreme weather and had me called it sick when the minute jumps.

I always told to myself year after year to keep writing and hopefully to publish more as an exercise to keep my brain occupied. This year, I hope maybe I can really give it a shoot. I finally found the path that I’ve been looking on for so long.

What happened to me in 2019?

It started by blowing off my pocket by having to replace my car’s transmission. Then I had some wonderful time in Lombok. Really love watching sunset at Merese. Definitely the best time I had in Indonesia at the time.

Then I got fired. And then I made some ‘accidental’ discovery which cause me to puke my stomach out. It seems everything can’t wait to fall one after another. I feel like everything is ending badly for me. I don’t know what to do for few months, so I don’t do anything. I didn’t regret anything except for what I put my family into.

For the new few months, I didn’t do anything rather than lived my life slowly. I cleaned up life as much as I can, had to sold few of my stuff to make ends met and discovering what it means to all these things . If you’re reading this and having a bad moment in your life, stop blaming and start saying to yourself - things end regardless bad or good, but one definite thing it will give you a room to start something new.

It may have been the worst period of my life, but also it made me realize how burned up I was all these time. I was working solely for money and stop asking myself one question that I’ve been asking all the time before this - everytime it went right, what could go wrong?

By letting money to runs my life, it went wrong. By not following my intuitions, it went wrong. By having one single, largest money pit instead of multiple, it went wrong. By forgetting who i was, it went wrong.

Sunset at Pulau Sabang, Aceh.

Cheers, and happy new year. Time flies faster than ever.

Make. It. Count.

Posted December 31, 2019

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