Sun Global Galaxy S4 3150mAh Battery

I never been a fan of going out with portable charger (or powerbank) and having the cables poking out from my pocket. It’s just so inconvenience. So when i discovered a high-capacity battery for Galaxy S4, i do not hesitate to give it a try so i can get rid miniature power plant out of my pocket.

Enter Sun Global

I was browsing through when i found this high-capacity battery for Galaxy S4 by Sun Global. A quick Google later revealed they’re a local company based in Penang and was selling a bunch of other products as well, although not as sexy as their batteries. If you’re interested to find out whether they have high-capacity battery for your devices, do check this page instead of their official website. Less confusing to navigate.

There is a taboo among Malaysian when it comes to local-made products of not being high quality. I am nothing but truly excited to find out how their battery would perform compare to stock. Plus, it is definitely better than buying some 3rd-party batteries from China although they’re likely coming from very same origin.

Sun Global 3150mAh Battery for Galaxy S4.

For RM89, it’s way cheaper than original Samsung S4 battery which goes around RM130 on retail. How did they managed to squeeze such a huge amount into the same packaging is still a bit of mystery to me. I don’t think this is a NFC-antenna battery since i couldn’t find any remark about NFC on the packaging or battery itself. But since i don’t use it so i’m not missing a beat here.

So how the investment goes? Do i need to keep my arc reactor or did my phone burst into flames? Let the results speak for themselves.

Left : 2600mAh / Right : Sun Global 3150mAh (Google Edition Galaxy S4)

My phone is safe as sound and powerbank is now a history. I don’t care much about standby time but having clocked 4 hours and half on display usage is extremely good. This is without any battery saver app installed, so i can definitely scratch even further here.

Pocket-friendly and time saver external battery kit.

I ended up placing order for another set of battery and external battery kit to take advantage of having removable battery. I can just swap out the depleted one and quickly jump back to 100% of battery power without having to suffer from slow recharge. That mean less stuff to carry and more time to play.

Posted April 23, 2014

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