Thoughts on Apple Event 2015

Tap a little more deeper this time.

There are few products in recent Apple Event that gets my attention, and i’m gonna start with what thrilled me the most follow by give or take wow factor.

1. Apple TV

This is good, so good. I am convinced that this going is to be big, and its going to take away some conventional console market. I’m going to put this into two perspective - as a developer and as a consumer.

As a developer, if I were to develop a video games, I definitely want to make profit out of my time and energy. And I want to make it as cost effective as possible with high user engagement. And I won’t look no further than developing my game app for iOS first. Sure enough, I am going to build for Android as well once i have enough resources but I don’t think I’m going further than that. Because developing for consoles like Playstation or Xbox or even Windows - takes a lot of money and not to mention there is some learning curves, something that indie developers like me can’t afford.

But I don’t need to make much changes to bring my iOS games to the latest Apple TV. That’s the beauty when you develop for specific ecosystem, you can expand as well when that ecosystem expanded. And this is not limited to just iOS - Android already played this scene with Android TV like Nexus Player and Nvidia Shield.

Now, from my point of view as a consumer, this could be an opportunity for me to jump into console gaming. For $149, I got nothing to lose - plus all my games already there(maybe), and not to mention all my friends in Game Center too.

2. Apple Watch

While I’m not really a big fan of expensive wearable technology, I think it’s more convenient for users to take photo using GoPro and Apple Watch. Save the hassle of not having to bring out your iPhone each time you try to take a shoot. Although Apple did really hard to push Watch as medical device, this could only benefit to those who can afford to purchase the Watch itself. Unless they can bring it down to the price point where majority of consumer could really afford it, like Xiaomi Mi Band. But we all know, Apple don’t do c-h-e-a-p.

PS : I don’t know if Android Wear can do the same. Please clarify me here.

3. iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

Leave out the specs. There are already dozens of article about that. Let’s talk about 3DTouch, 12MP camera and iOS.

I was a bit skeptical when rumors starting to come out about they implementing Force Touch technology on iPhone. Well, we all pretty sure know when you press that screen hard enough, you’ll see some mark due to the pressure. But, after they demo it, I changed my mind. This is way better than Force Touch on Macbook or Apple Watch. I guess that’s why they called it 3DTouch. And no, don’t think you can do the same with tap and hold. Tell me how you going to re-arrange apps on your homescreen.

Having lived through 4MP Ultrapixel I can pretty much tell it’s the image processing that matter the most. And regardless what people might say about camera improvement on Android - iPhone is still the best camera phone you can buy, period. Now with 12MP/5MP, its just get even better. You can simply walk in to Apple Store, and go home start capturing with the best camera. Try to do that with Android, you might end up with crappy 20MP flagship HTC One M9 if you don’t do your homework.

Unfortunately, there are few features on iOS 9 that I really wish should be made available across iOS devices - one of them is Live Photo. I don’t think this should be made exclusive for iPhone 6S only. You wanna tell me iPhone 6 can’t do that because of the hardware? It wasn’t too long until we see the same implantation on Android. Or they already did, like HTC Zoe.

4. iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

Okay, i have no idea about this one. Save the joke for Apple Pencil and stop reminiscing about how Steve Jobs would do if he’s still around. Regardless what you want to think about Apple, this is now just another tech company, driven by marketing and cover up with subtle design.

Okay, that would be all. Thanks for reading and godspeed, Apple.

Posted September 16, 2015

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