Tips For Writing A Resume

This is an old post that i managed to recover through archive. It was originally in written my local language, but translated to english so it will reach wider audience possible. I know there’s some people who believe instead of copying someone’s resume, its hell a lot better writing our own.

There are only three simple points to write a better resume :

1. Keep it simple.
2. Relevant as possible.
3. Awesome profile picture.

That’s all. You don’t need to fill it with useless information that nobody would care just because you wanted it to be thick as possible. Not only you’re showing you didn’t have any idea what you’re doing, but you’re minimizing your potential from the beginning. Nobody’s like the idea of judging the book from its cover, but in reality, people do judge the cover. We can’t blame them.

By average, they review each applicants in less than 10 second. That’s all. Or maybe even less since they have thousands to process and not to mention, by mood. They’re human, after all. So now you get it why you need to simplify all the information you want to put. So they can look exactly at the right point and more importantly, the right people to hire.

Keeping your resume simple actually a lot more harder than you think. Because you need to keep it tight and informative as possible. Deciding what not to put is as important as deciding what to put.

I’ll explain each elements that classify as common or must-have in resume. It won’t be much, but i hope you get the idea to mix with your own.

Profile Picture

I don’t really want to say this, but as matter of fact that i can’t really sugarcoat the truth, this is going to be the first element they will view before reading through the point. Some people might say beauty without brain pretty much useless, but don’t forget its also depends on position you’re applying. I’d highly suggest for you to put best picture possible. If your I.D photo aren’t any good, try to shoot your own. Let’s them see the aura from your photo that you’re a very positive person.

Just make sure you’re properly clothes and casual. Don’t try to take advantage by offering something else than your brain. They might enjoying your photo before dumping it. Because you’re already give a sign for what about to become in case they’re hiring you. And guys, unless you’re applying for marine, i don’t think that badass look will get you a spot. Remember, you’re looking for job, not punch bag.


There’s no use to put excessive information like how old are you when your IC number (vary according to country) does the job if you’re going to apply the job locally. Because when you’re going to sign the contract, everything else will take care afterward. Birth place, birth date, favorite food and drink, primary school, who’s going to consider that, seriously? You’re single, married or not, put it aside at first. If they want, they would ask for it.

Just keep it real simple and professional.


For those students who didn’t have any working experience, that’s when your internship comes in handy. If there’s some part time jobs that might be relevant, you can put them too. Because experience is the key here, officially or unofficially. But make sure its relevant with position or what have you learned from previous job that might be useful in position you’re applying.

For those who has worked before, please don’t pour too much experience. Because that will give a sign that you’re a troublemaker and that’s why you have so much experience. You might be disagree, but unfortunately you’re stranger when you’re applying a job, and that kind of notion didn’t stand anywhere. Keep it low, get in, and then you can reveal as much as you want. Let them see you can commit to the job.


This is the most fucked up part. Would you list down when you go during kindergarten? Because most people did. And i can’t see the irony how that would apply in grown-up life. And then primary school, secondary school and college/university. Get your mind around it, the most important would be the later. Because somebody who’s been to college, definitely earned the high school degree. And somebody who’s been to high school, primary’s diploma already in hand. Hold the steady check.

Again, putting up excessive info especially on education doesn’t prove how awesome you are, unless you go to boarding school or something. If not, save yourself a hassle and don’t let that much of education cloaking your intelligence. Nobody would hire you for getting straight A’s in high school when you got degree in hand already. Show your quality, not quantity.


I don’t think if you notice the point, but if you take a look closely, you’ll notice this post start with objective, experience, education and comes down to this part - skills. Why is that?

Because that’s the basic principle in hiring. Fresh graduates know this. For most job opening, they tend to hire someone with experience and follow up with education. That’s the point. You might not score on experience, but you still have education to fall back on. And you might don’t have that either, but you’re a skillful person with great objective that some people going to bet on.

Again, don’t put unnecessary skills like local language that everyone know. Put something different. If you can speak spanish, write that down. But if you’re applying as translator, then you’re good to put as many as you can here. Some basic computing skills like office suite shouldn’t make it here. Face it, everyone knows how to use word processor and Excel won’t take too long to learn. Don’t try to show off too much, because it might backfire on you someday.


I love this part. Because this is where i’d insert a small snippet by mentioning “Will be given by request” - that’s it. If they’re likely going to hire you, they might ask you for it or even better, you’re already hired. And if they said they’re going to call you, best bet is not to wait.

I wouldn’t discourage for you to put referrals if you will, that’s totally up to you. But let’s think something, when you’re already proven everything, they don’t bother to reprove it themselves.


Majority of people would put contact first. That’s not really intuitive. Let’s see, after reading throughout the resume, wouldn’t it be great where i can reach to the point i can pick up and just make the call rather than going back to the first place? I think that would be thoughtful.

There’s no need to mention each point like this is my email when @ symbol already suffice to explain that’s your email address. Same goes with phone number. Its like labelling trash bin “trash bin” when people already know intuitively its a trash bin. That’s ridiculous. Nobody’s need a dictionary for that. Because the point is, you’re already reachable when they got your resume, one way or another.


That would be all. I hope this little guide will help you as much as i do, and i wish you all the best. You don’t have to rely on anyone but yourself. And even if you can, doesn’t mean you’ll have too. Try to stand up with your own feet. There’s an undescribe feeling when you managed to do something on your own, even for the first time. Embrace it.

Let the life come to you.

Posted May 13, 2013

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