Turning 28

There are three things that i wish for my 28th birthday.

Ever wonder why Apple called it Cinema Display?

1. Steady source of income. After two years since i moved to Sabah, i finally managed to settle down on my own. As matter of fact, i received key to my apartment right on my birthday. Living alone is cool if only you can bear with loneliness. And also less shits to deal with.

2. Brutally honest with myself and other. I was before and it hurts people around me like, a lot. After my bestfriend passed away, i thought it would be nice to ’care’ for other and it ended up hurts me. I can finally see where things really lead to their opposite. People just wanted to be like by others, and most of the time by people they don’t even respect.

3. Own or be owned. Life has taught me (and cost me as well) if i’m not in control of any situation i’m dealing with, something else will. Or someone else. The result is i got my ass handed back to me with a message ’fuck you’. No mistake, i’m done with playing dumb.

And now, i’m blowing away my old life and reset everything. Let the new shit begin.

Posted March 3, 2015

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