Weekly Pursuits #1

If there’s anything i would like to highlight since the past few weeks, getting busy would be the right words for it. Apparently side gigs was coming back at the right time and i’m enjoying the most productive moments without significant mental health issue.

It helps me to get back into the action too after getting fired. I was busy doing what i did best few years ago - working on various jobs and didn’t just focus on one big thing. It brought back all the skills that i’ve forget to remember for the last twelve months, especially on how to manage tasks efficiently.

Eventhough i’ve been planning to spend my time with studying and stuff, truth be told i didn’t have much chance to do so. But for the time i’ve trade, i get back so much in return especially be able to putting my mind into active mode. It triggered me to figure out what should i do next in few months to come.

I’m still working to ship my car to Sabah since i can’t no longer rent a car or using public transport to move around. Spending two thousands wasn’t as simple as how it was before. There are few risks that i need to learn to say no now or else it will suck up few years in my life to pay the consequences. Hopefully after Eid’s i’d be able to push around a thing or two just a little bit to make it happen.

No matter what, procrastination is always fun and risk. Don’t tune out just yet.

Posted July 21, 2014

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