Weekly Pursuits #2

Dreams off, Dreams on.

This post has been remarked as the longest I’ve gone without updates for this year of 2016. Turned out there are few people still regularly visiting this blog thanks to analytic tools. It makes me feel responsible to keep this blog up to date than microblogging on Twitter all the time.

When I moved to Sabah in 2013, I went with a dream, a hope and money that i thought was going to last me until I can start make a living. From day one, my dream crushed my hope and I have to decide quickly - between going back, or stay and learn. And since I failed to learn that first lesson, I had to repeat it again one year later. And for those three years, I had to endure the longest moment in my life where I felt hopeless and incapable as a human being, over and over again.

Like 8 years ago, life only taught me exactly what I need to know. And I learned to accept for me to be who I wanted to be - I have to move back so I can move forward. Sometime to follow your dream, it means to fight against everything you love. When I finally did that, soon enough I was walking down the path.

All over again, but way better.

Posted November 13, 2016

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