Why Apple

One of the hardest things that i’ve encountered is to explain as simple as possible about what makes Apple products great. Especially among Android user. Its start with casual talks and ended up not to speaking to each other for several days.

Okay, i’m kidding on that one. Truth is, no matter how hard i tried to explain, what works for me might not work for them. Remember that all these devices is just a tool, let’s not to be so religious about it. There’s always a compromise, so pick your best bet. Any recommendation that came from me, its all based on my experience.

Let’s get a little more personal. Why did i picked Apple products over anything else?

1. Beautiful engineering.

No matter its iPhone or Macbook or iPad, there’s sense of premium quality as soon as you touching it. Its really simple, and by simple, you can focus on using the device rather than learn how to use the device. You might spent some time learning the device, it won’t take too long to figure things out. Its just intuitive and easy to focus. Take iPhone for example. You tap and tap, and want to go back? Just press the home button. When i bought a Macbook Air, the only thing that i have to adapt is smaller capacity of SSD, but boy its worth it. The SSD alone is fast enough. Its unbelievable for such a slim workhorse packed with enough power for my tasks.

2. The best experience over anything else.

Sounds like a fanboy, but if you can recommend me alternative that really on par with Apple, i’d like to give it a try. The best thing about my iPhone is i can use it like a phone. There’s used to be a time i’d prefer Android over iPhone when i read the specs, but sooner i came to realize the specs doesn’t guarantee the experience. I don’t have to tweak up my iPhone, but if i want extra speed, sure i can do that. And its far more easier than doing the same thing with Android. I got nothing against Android, but if you’re looking for something more simple, a lot of great apps, there’s no better alternative. At least for now. Android fanboy will touting their specs and features to make you jealous because that’s the only thing they got. There’s even some fanboy that i know hate iPhones because they failed on jailbreaking it. And its far more easier to help someone with Apple products.

3. Great support.

Most people still believe that Apple made premium products that cost a lot more than competitors. On some cases, they do, but you get what you’re paying for. But there’s no other companies that can offer you great support like Apple Store. You can walk up into the Store with your broken iPhone, and leave with brand new iPhone without any single charge. Or else, if you’d prefer another route, there’s higher chance of getting your iPhone or iPad fixable than competitors. My mum owned a Galaxy Nexus because, well, she loves korean drama so much. Compare to my 3GS, her phone actually feels like appliance. You buy it, you use it, and when it gets broken, you’ll throw it. Just like that.

That’s enough for now. I hope whenever someone asked me why i favor Apple over anything else, i wish i could give them this link and let them read it. If you’re looking for Macbook’s alternative, i’d suggest to look at HP Folio 13. Its real sexy. For phone and tablet? Get anything you want, but stay away from Windows 8. Humor yourself by watching this video below.

Posted February 3, 2013

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